Tatsuta- age Daikon大根のタツタ揚げ

Tatsuta-age: Marinated deep-fried fish, meat, etc.
Daikon: Japanese radish

Chicken, mackerel, saury and tuna are the common ingredients for tatsuta-age. The soy sauce-flavoured crunchy texture created by potato starch is absolutely irresistible. While the basic ingredients such as meat and fish work brilliantly, daikon is also great for a change. It’s quite refreshing too! The name of this dish comes from the Tatsuta river in Nara prefecture, which is famous for its autumn leaves.

➡  Ingredients (for four people)

  • 12 centimetres of daikon
  • Some oil for deep-frying
  • Some potato starch
  • <Marinating sauce>

  • One teaspoon of sake
  • 4 tablespoons of soy sauce

  • One tablespoon of squeezed ginger juice

➡ Recipe

  1. Peel the daikon and cut it into 1.5 centimetre square strips (vertically along the fibre grain).
  2. Put the daikon strips into a plastic bag, rub them gently in the marinating sauce and leave them for half an hour.
  3. Wipe off the excess sauce from the daikon strips with paper towels and roll them in potato starch.
  4. Deep-fry the daikon strips quickly at 180 degrees.

💡 Tips

  1. If you leave the daikon strips in the marinating sauce too long, they’ll get watery. Be careful!
  2. Deep-fry the daikon strips quickly at a high temperature as daikon doesn’t have to be cooked through.
  3. You can use gobo (burdock roots) instead of daikon. It’s quite nice!

😐 I’ve tried it! By the editorial staff

  • You can eat this dish with ponzu or soy sauce and wasabi. They both work well.

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➡  材料 (4人分)

  • 大根・・・12cm
  • 揚げ油・・・適量
  • 片栗粉・・適量
  • <つけダレ>

  • 酒・・・小さじ1
  • 醤油・・・大さじ4
  • 生姜絞り汁・・大さじ1

➡ 作り方

  1. 大根の皮をむき、1.5cm角くらいの四角柱に切る(繊維に沿って縦に)
  2. ビニール袋の中に入れ、軽く揉んで、つけダレをまんべんなく行き渡らせて、そのまま30分置く
  3. キッチンペーパーで2の水分を軽くふき取り、片栗粉を付ける。
  4. 180度の揚げ油でサッと揚げる

💡 Tips

  1. 大根をつけダレにつけておく時間は、長すぎると水分が出てしまうので注意。
  2. 大根にはしっかり火が通る必要がないので、高温の油でサッと揚げて下さい。
  3. ごぼうでも美味しく出来ます。

😐 I’ve tried it! By the editorial staff

  • ポン酢でもわさび醤油でもオイシイです。

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