The worst date in my life

Tsurugaoka hachimangu which enshrines the guardian deity of the samurai warriors of the Kamakura shogunate.

Thanks everyone for comments!! I was encouraged very much. Today, I’d like to write about 5 men who I met after I became a member of the agency.

After I registered to the agency, I received an e-mail from the Agency to introduce 12 men for me.
I saw their profiles (age, address, smoker or not, previous marriage history, have children or not, annual income, academic background, hobby, etc) and choose three men. Their name was Ichiro, Daisuke, and Hideki. We were in correspondence with each other by e-mail.

At first, I promised a date with Ichiro. When I saw his profile, I thought that we were going to get along together because we are same age, like playing tennis, non-smoker, graduated from college, and live near each other. He is a salesperson of insurance.

We met to have dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo. After we seated, he said, “Your income is very high! You can buy an apartment in Tokyo.” I was very surprised!! I wonder he is a salesperson of apartment actually??
Moreover, he said, “You became a member of this service recently, so you should a lot of man”.
How rude a man! I understood that he thought I wasn’t a candidate of his partner. He was a very poor speaker (of course, he wasn’t interested in me!!), so I was very very boring during the date although nice food, drinks, and view!

The day after the date, I received an e-mail from him. He turned down me, but I didn’t care because I never want to see him again!!

However, this experience affected me. After the date, I felt kindly toward other men who I have met. I think that most of men are better than Ichiro!!

I had already promised dates with Daisuke and Hideki. Daisuke is a guard, 33 years old. I went out with him 3 times. He is kindly, we had a good time. But he is a smoker and he isn’t going to quit smoking. And his work time is very irregular, so it was difficult to meet him. And Hideki is an engineer, 36 years old. He is also kindly and lives near my home. I went out with him twice. Their income ware lower than mine, but I didn’t care.

But I stopped going out with them. Why? Because I met another ideal candidate of husband!!
His name was Ken. He is an engineer, 44 years old. He works at a famous worldwide company (You must know the company’s name). I guess he fell in love at first sight !? I received e-mail from him twice a day everyday. Did I love him? Well…I didn’t know, but I thought he would become a good husband and father. I went out with him 4 times. My favorite place was Kamakura.

Now, I’d like to write about Kamakura. Back in the 13th century, Kamakura enjoyed a period as the Shoguns’ capital. It is home to many famous temples and historical sites, and remains very popular with visitors from both inside and outside Japan. Only about an hour’s train ride from Tokyo station, it is perfect for a day’s outing. Please see photos which I took there (Click thumbnail above).

Ken and I hoped to get married. However, I wasn’t in favor with his parents, so they objected our marriage. When Japanese get married, their parents’ opinion is very important. Ken asked me to wait until he persuaded his parents. But I felt that he thought his parents were more important than me for him. And I didn’t expect that I and his parents were going to get along together. So, I said good bye to him and started to hunt new candidate of my partner.

After that, I received e-mail from Taro. He passed the exam of an U.S. CPA and worked at a Japanese audit corporation. He looked like smart, honesty and rich. I promised a date with him. Is he my future husband??? I’ll write about him next time.

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