Cound you live in Thailand with me?

Hi! How are you getting along? Today, I write an auditor who I had a date last month.
The day before the date, he called me and asked “Do you have anything that you can’t eat?” I answered “nothing”. So he selected the Thai food restaurant.

Actually, I have never eaten Thai food, so I didn’t know what we would eat. Anyway, I went the restaurant on time. The restaurant is very popular, so the seats ware full and also there was many foreign people. He was busy for his job, so he was late a little.

We introduced ourselves. He works at a Japanese audit corporation. He is very polite reliable person, and he’d like to get married seriously.
He ordered full course. I felt Thai food was very hot and spicy. So, I choked on red pepper many times during conversation.
He said, “Actually, I’ll work at Thailand near future. Could you live in Thailand with me?”

I was surprised but I understood why he selected this restaurant. I had already known I didn’t like Thai food. But I thought if I live in foreign country, I would have very exciting and interesting experience. When I was student, I wanted to go and live many countries. If I get married him, I expected interesting life, but I must quit my job. I’m proud of my career now, so I don’t want to live foreign country, because I can’t anything there. Moreover, he wasn’t attractive for me although he was polite reliable because I had boring time with him. So, I turned down him and decided to continue hunting.

After I registered the agency, I was proposed from many men. Most of them were older and rich than me. My impression for the agency is better than that I imagined before I registered. But anybody of them isn’t attractive for me. I’d like to meet a man who spends good time with me for long time. But most of men seem to want to meet a young, beautiful and submissive woman.
I understood there are many Japanese who want to get married but cant’ Why? My friends and colleagues said “There are nothing the chance which we can meet the partners”. I agree. We are too busy to find a partner.

After I wrote above, I received a comment from Antonio. I don’t think his questions are impolite. I answer those as possible as I can.

Why do I think that I will find happiness in marriage and having kids? Because I have my excellent parents and a sister, and we spend a very good time until now. So, I’d like to have an experience that I have a husband and kids although I may be unhappier than now (If I feel that I have to divorce him for me and my children, I don’t hesitate). My father said, “I am happy for having a sweet wife and great daughters.” Therefore, he recommends me to get married and having children.

Do I think it is nature calling? I don’t think so. In my opinion, it’s the custom rather than nature calling at least in Japan. I think most of Japanese want to do everything as other people do. Moreover, some people consider that single people are something wrong in Japan.

Why did I create an English blog instead of a Japanese one? Because the webmaster (he managed this web) asked me to write this English blog. I have my Japanese blog which you can see below address if you want.

I met another man recently. He is 38 years old. He works another pharmaceutical company, and we have same hobby (scuba). Our lifestyles (income, educational background, etc ) are similar, so we promissed to meet at a restaurant in Tokyo. I’ll write about him next time.

I’m very sorry that I can’t meet anyone who read this blog. Please ask any questions as comments!

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