Just Married!

We registered our marriage and moved to a new apartment last weekend.
We were busy to prepare new life. Now, we settle in a new apartment.
I had never experienced house-moving until now, but he had experienced it many times. I discovered his good points through house-moving. He is very sensible, skillful, and powerful. So, house-moving went very smoothly. My marriage blue has gone and I enjoy my new life.
He had lived alone for long time, so he is good at housework. I think we lived together comfortably.

Our wedding ceremony is approaching. The preparation completed. But I have something worry about our honeymoon. You know, new type flu has spread over the world. New Caledonia where our honeymoon place has not discovered infected person yet. But Japanese airport quarantine strictly. And our company recommends to not going to other country even if infected person has not discovered. But we are going to go to honeymoon as scheduled. In my opinion, the flu is not fearful in all countries expect Mexico.

Every married Japanese woman says it is hard to get along with their mother-in-low. My husband’s mother is very kind and cheerful, so I like her. But I have to associate with her for long time. You never know!!

I’m looking forward to the wedding ceremony and honeymoon! But I expect I am going to be very busy before and after vacation. I feel blue when I think that. So I try to think about only good things.

Our wedding ceremony will hold on 17th May. I’m going to write about it next month.

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