Single or married; which is better?

 We hold a wedding ceremony and party on 17th May. I felt time flies on that day!
I felt nervous a little, but the ceremony and party went smoothly. Our family and friends congratulated us deeply. They seemed to be happy, in particular my aunt wept for happiness throughout the ceremony and party. Of course we were very happy too!!
My former teacher and his boss offered their congratulations, and his friend and daughters of my cousin sang for us. We had a very good time and I would remember the day forever.

 Next day, we went our honeymoon to New Caledonia. Actually, the company that I’m engaged asked all employees not to go abroad because new type flu spread the world. But I didn’t worry about flu, so I informed my boss of our honeymoon. He permitted to go abroad under the condition I got in touch him when I arrived to Japan.
It was first time we went to New Caledonia. It was a very nice place! The blue sky and the sea were very beautiful, the food was delicious, and the people were very kind. I was impressed that they enjoyed sports (cycling, running, windsurfing etc) very much. We spend 10 days in New Caledonia and we enjoyed scuba. We hoped to go there again.

 One month passed after I began to live with him. I try to compare my life before and after marriage.
 For example, I had eaten out for dinner when I was single. I don’t eat much, so eating-out is inexpensive than cooking. Now, I cook for us. I go home earlier than him usually. When I leave the office, I buy food at a supermarket and cook dinner and wait for him. I don’t know when he comes home. I have to wait him over one hour sometimes. I go to bed later than before. I enjoy dinner with him, but I couldn’t spend time freely unlike before.

And he pays attention to details always. He is good at housecleaning and washing. I am thankful him very much, but I am tired when he blame me for household matters. I think he is nagging sometimes.

Money management is one of the important things. We settled pocket money and we promised to transfer the rest to our bank account. We can’t spend money freely unlike before.

 However I don’t regret that I got married. Though I have some dissatisfaction, I enjoy my life with him. I have good experience which I can’t have if I don’t get married. But I don’t think that married women are happier than single women. Single women can may things freely, so they don’t have to envy married women.

 Anyway, I enjoy my life with him fully until I will become a single again when he dies or I’m divorced with him!

This is my final article. I’m very glad to get many comments from various countries.
Thank you very much for reading!!

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