Boiled and flavoured spinach and tunaほうれん草とツナのおひたし

Boiled and flavoured spinach and tuna
(Spinach and Tuna Ohitashi)


This simple ohitashi dish is very handy when I want one more extra dish for my hungry family. It’s really simple! You don’t have to suffer from a panic attack when welcoming unexpected guests anymore.
I usually boil spinach while it’s fresh and freeze it. This way, it only takes 3 minutes to prepare. Smart cooking, huh?

➡  Ingredients (for four people)

  • A bunch of spinach
  • A can of tuna
  • Some katsuobushi (shaved dried bonito)
  • Some soy sauce

➡ Recipe

  1. Boil the spinach and soak it in water. Properly squeeze the water out and cut it into 3-4 cm pieces.
  2. Drain the oil out of the can of tuna.
  3. Mix 2, 2 and katsuobushi with soy sauce

💡 Tips

  1. Plenty of katsuobushi makes it more delicious!

😐 I’ve tried it! By the editorial staff

  • The calorie count for this dish can be a little high, but you can adjust the amount of oil you use from the can of tuna.
  • Frozen veges should be consumed early, approximately within a month.

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➡  材料 (約4人分)

  • ほうれん草・・・1把
  • ツナ缶・・・1缶
  • かつおぶし・・・適量
  • 醤油・・・適量

➡ 作り方

  1. ほうれん草を茹で、水にさらし、よく搾る。3~4cm幅に切る。
  2. ツナ缶の油を切る。
  3. 1.と2.とかつお節を合わせ、醤油で和える。

💡 Tips

  1. かつお節は多めのが美味しいと思います。

  2. 😐 作ってみました! By 編集部


    • ちょっとカロリーが高いので、ツナ缶の油で調節しましょう。
    • 冷凍した野菜は、なるべく早めに食べたほうがいいですよ。一ヶ月を目安にしましょう。

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