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Hi! My name is Eri.
I’m a Japanese girl who loves eating, drinking and cooking.

Since I was little, I’ve spent lots of time in the kitchen. I’ve been experimenting and creating new recipes that are simple, healthy, colourful and yummy! Ideas for new recipes also come from lots of dinning out, which is perhaps the best part. Are you ready to explore the world of  Japanese cooking?

In this recipe blog, what I would like to introduce is ordinary Japanese home-cooking recipes that aren’t necessarily traditional Japanese dishes, such as sushi and tenpura.Sometimes, they can be Chinese, Italian and some other kinds but with a taste of Japan, of course. By simply following my easy recipes, you might pick up some tips on how to add an exotic Japanese taste to your dishes. Sounds good?

This recipe blog should be useful not only for non-Japanese people living in Japan, but for those who want some help on how to use Japanese seasonings that they might get off the Internet or at Japanese supermarkets. I hope it gives you some insight into Japanese seasonings and ingredients. Ready to try?

Comments below are from the editorial department staff of webjapanese.com.

  • This blog started on the 1st of January 2009. We aim to update this blog twice a month, on the 1st and on the 15th.
  • This blog is also part of webjapanese.com, a website for Japanese language learners.
  • In “We’ve tried it!” at the bottom of each recipe, you can find comments made by the editorial department staff.
  • “Introduction to Japanese food” and “help” are made by the editorial department staff under the supervision of Eri san.
  • If you wish to make requests for Japanese ingredients that you would like us to use in our recipes, please choose and vote.
  • This blog was originally written in Japanese and has been translated into English.
    Although Eri san checks and reads all requests and comments every week, there might be a delay in responding to you as English is not her area of expertise.

こんにちは! 私の名前は、Eriです。






  • このレシピブログは、英語版は2009年の1月1日に、日本語版は、翌年の1月1日にスタートしました。
  • このレシピは、日本語学習者のためのサイトwebjapanese.com の一部です。日本語学習者が読者であるという想定で作られています。
  • また、国内在住で日本の食事情に疎い方、海外で日本食に興味のある方々へのフォローも意識しつつ書いています。
  • 「日本の食」関連とヘルプは、エリさん監修の元、日本語学習者向けの補足として編集部が製作しましたものです。
  • 各レシピの一番下にある「作ってみました」は、編集部が作ったレポートです。
  • 扱ってほしい日本の食材などありましたら、こちらで、投票(poll)してください。
  • * この編集部註だけ英語対訳になっていません。

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