WebJapanese Books was established in 2011 by Japanese language teachers who had been teaching Japanese to foreign nationals in Tokyo.
The group was developed from a website http://www.webjapanese.com for Japanese learners that was established in 1997.

The time has come for book lovers to express themselves all over the world by freely publishing their own books! We would like to introduce high quality but affordable Japanese learning materials, as well as distinctive and appealing writers of the new generation, to people outside Japan in multiple languages.

Keep checking back for future updates.

*You can find out more about our publications on this website. You can also find some free content for Japanese learners here.


7 days 60 minutes Japanese

– Just an hour of study gives you the confidence to spend a week in Japan. –

7 days 60 minutes Japanese [English Edition]
English edition

Traditional Chinese Edition
Simplified Chinese Edition

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