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Sākums / "SANPO" by Rey Ayakawa

This title “Sanpo” means “Going for a walk for your health, to feel refreshed or to enjoy yourself” in Japanese.

When you go for a Sanpo, you often find yourself noticing the scenery that you would normally overlook.
You can feel the changing of the seasons from flowers and trees as you pass by, or the changing urban landscape as time goes by…This blog is a little archive of my photos that I took during Sanpo. At the moment, I am focusing on photo shooting using an iPhone and applying a digital filter to it with Instagram, as I wonder how much an iPhone can do.

A wandering essayist, writer and daydreamer.
Sanpo maniac who walks more than an hour per day. Pollo-Vegetarian. Living in Tokyo with a bear, which is made of wool and cotton.
*My essays will be translated into English and published soon by WebJapanese Books, sold through Amazon.
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