Private Japanese Lesson

Experienced and proved to help you achieve

We have specialized in providing private lessons since 1999.
Our primary employment condition requires that the teachers have conducted more than 3,000 hours of lesson time.
We use further selection criteria and employ only those who passed all the screenings.
(3,000 hours of lesson time means at least approximately five years of experience).

Why don’t you experience our professionally taught lessons?

45 Minutes for 4,000 yen

The price includes transportation fees for the teachers. Absolutely no entry fee charge.
A 60 minutes lesson costs 5,000 yen. 1,000 yen will be added for every additional 15 minutes.
* Textbook is not included in the fee.
(If you have a textbook that you would like to use for your lesson, please let us know.)

Flexible lesson length

Minimum unit for one lesson is 60 minutes. Following this, you can extend your lesson by blocks of 15 minutes.
You can decide the lesson length every time you book. For example, you might want a 75 minutes lesson the day after tomorrow, or if you are busy you can have two 90 minutes lessons in the same week in three weeks time. It’s up to you and you can arrange your lesson freely.

The second person free!

The lesson fee stays the same up to two persons.
In other words, you pay only half if you have a pair lesson.
A 60 minutes lesson for two people would cost \2,500 each. If it is a 90 minutes lesson, it would be \3,500 each.

*However, a pair lesson is available only for those whose Japanese language levels are assessed the same through our pre-lesson level check.
*Lessons for three or more people are negotiable.

Maximum 50% cancellation fee

We react flexibly to a sudden cancellation based on the following rules.
No cancellation fee will be incurred if you contact us before 18:00 a day before your lesson.
Even after 18:00, the cancellation fees will be only 50% of the lesson fee.
The 50% cancellation fee also applies to a cancellation on the day of your lesson.

Everyday from 8:00 to 19:00

The lesson fee is the same during the basic business hours.

Digital teachers

All of our teachers have completed training on digital tools. They are all able to create handouts in ePub or PDF formats.

Our publishing section publishes and sells electronic Japanese textbooks.

We are a group of teachers who are probably the most well-versed in the digital field in Japan.

Supporting Area

Currently, we cover the areas below. Click the map to see a large version.


*Seibu-Ikebukuro line, Inogashira Line, Toyoko Line, Meguro Line, Mekama Line, Keihin Tohoku Line,the area inside the Yamanote circle line, and up to Arakawa to the west.
* Toyoko Line, Tokaido Line, Negishi Line, Musashukosugi, and from Kawasaki to Ofuna.

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