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Since that quake, I felt a sense of futility as if everything I had built in my life had been destroyed, and a sense of despair like groping my way through a bewildering jungle. I tried to withstand these feelings by dealing with practical issues. Even aftershocks that came suddenly and unexpectedly, filled us with anxiety, resembling an egoistic lover who keeps reminding us of his existence.
(from introduction by author)

born in Tohoku, living in Tokyo, this is a record of a woman written by her during 2011.
This book is based on her blog, in which she wrote simple observations about what had changed and not changed in her everyday life after the Tohoku Earthquake.


Yukari Fujinaga  藤永ゆかり





Now available at Amazon: | Japan | U.S. |the United Kingdom | Australia | Germany| France | Spain | Italy | Canada | Brazil | Mexico | India |





Now available at Amazon: | Japan | U.S. | the United Kingdom | Germany | France | Spain | Italy |  

👉 2011 Japanese edition




Motoko Toji 田路 元子

Cover Art
Yuko Ouchi 大内 裕子

DTP desingner
Minoru Nagai 永井 實

Kouta Aramaki 荒牧 浩太
Shanghai Kaniko 上海 蟹子


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