Kanji Worksheet and Kanji quiz

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Kanji worksheet

This Kanji work sheet is written to be used in conjunction with Basic Kanji Book Vol. 1 and Basic Kanji Book Vol. 2 published by BONJINSHA CO.,LTD. Written by Chieko Kano,Yuri Shimizu,Hiroko Takenaka,Eriko Ishii.


Kanji quiz

How to play the interactive quizzes

All the Kanji quizzes here are played in the same way.

1) Choose the right answer from the options and click the check button.
2) If your answer is correct, the next question will come up.
3) Depending on the quiz, there are limits on the number of mistakes that are allowed and the time for each question.
4) If you exceed the limits, the game will be over.

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: to those who have problems with incorrectly rendered letters while playing the quiz.We are confident we fixed the bug problems in May 2009.If you still have problems with incorrectly rendered letters, please change the language code to Shift-jis in your browser setting.