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Japanese language learning map

[1] Japanese language schools and others

Schools here are added from search results by school names or addresses from the database of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. You can also take a look at the school buildings using Google Maps street view.

[2] Universities in Japan that have courses designed for foreign students, or a center for foreign students. Major universities only.

[3] College; a special school in Japan

[4] Free Japanese classes in Japan

[5] Other Japanese teaching related organizations
‘Other Japanese teaching related organizations’ is a map showing organizations and publishers in the Japanese teaching industry.

[6] Universities outside Japan that have/had Japanese language or Japanese related courses.
A yellow-green icon shows where a Japanese course is currently run, dark gray shows the course is discontinued and light gray shows the course may have been discontinued. For the countries that have many Japanese language teaching institutions, such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and France, we were unable to collect all the information. Also, although a yellow- green icon is shown on the map, it often may be the case that the course is already discontinued.