About us

About us

About us and our website, “webjapanese.com”

We are a group of professional Japanese teachers.
Our staff teach Japanese not only in Japan but also in Asia, the U.S., and Europe.
Within Japan, our main activity consists of private lessons to which you can also apply for from this website.

We have been operating this website since 1997 and updating almost everyday.
The main purpose of this website is to provide Japanese learners with study materials, information and resources.

You will need no approval from us to link our page. Feel free to do so.
We appreciate if you could give us any feedback here.

We have started a publishing business mainly with electronic books.
We plan to publish not only Japanese textbooks but also publications in various categories such as essays and non-fiction.

Since the onset of this website, we have placed no adverts except the affiliate link to Amazon.

If you ever visit Japan, please try our private lessons!


webjapaneseEnglish or Japanese (for intermediate-level students of Japanese)

webjapaneseJJapanese (for Japanes Teachers)

Publishing (publishing project)





*If you are a copyright holder of the images used on this website and are not willing to give us permission to use them, please contact us using the form below.
We will remove the images immediately.




The original contents are open to public following the Creative Commons to be used as freely as possible. We would be happy if not only learners but also teachers use this contents.

However, with regard to the Kanji sheet in “Kanji sheet and Quiz”, the original copyright belongs to the author of Basic Kanji Book.
We present its HTML version on this site having obtained permission from the author.
Therefore, reprint, business use, and redistribution of the Kanji sheet require permission from the author.

In addition, Blog and Gallery content require permission from respective authors.

Sometimes copyright holders are different to the authors. If this is the case, please check a copyright notice that is always shown on the bottom of the page.

In the Archive section, a copyright notice is always presented for individual items.

If you have an enquiry, please contact us using this form.
(Please note that contact with authors may not always be guaranteed).

Privacy Policy

We collect personal information only when an individual applies to our private Japanese lessons and use it only within the realm of necessity to respond to the request.

We will not use the personal information for any other purpose or provide it to third parties.
Exemption from liability

We are unable to guarantee against hazardous substance such as viruses, illegal access by third parties, and any other security on this site.

We will also not use any personal information posted by himself/herself to the comment space in the Blog and Archive sections, but we are not responsible for the use of such information by third parties.


Please feel free to link to our website.Links should be posted to your index page.


Cookies are used for faster page loading and for your convenience.This will not affect your PC’s performance, and should not be considered as an invasion of your privacy.


Please surf this website at your own risk.Web Japanese is not liable for any damages occur to your personal property or private information.


Jurisdiction of this website is based on Japanese law.By accessing the website, we assume that you have agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned in this website.

Editorial Staff

Webmaster and Director of Web Japanese : Kouta Aramaki


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