Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! I hope you will have a great year!!

I found my steady partner at last!! This time I’d like to write about him.

Last September, I went the first dating with him. When I arrived at a lobby of the hotel (we promised to meet there), he was reading a book. My first impression of him was favorable. He seemed smart and cool. Then we went a Japanese restaurant. The restaurant was calm and relaxing, and we talked a lot. We found that we are similar in many ways. For example, we like scuba too. Moreover, he was instructor of scuba before! We are working pharmaceutical companies too. I thought that I wanted to meet him again and know him more. Fortunately, he said “shall we go to see a movie?” Of course I said yes! We promised twice dating next week.

Next week, we went out and saw Japanese movie and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. I was more relaxed than first dating, we talked about everything. We promised next dating again.

Then, we have gone out every weekend for 3 months. We went to hot springs, museums, parks, shopping etc. We talked a lot and I have never been boring during dates with him. But I felt anxiety because he didn’t talk about marriage. Does he want to get married with me? He got married and divorced 4 years ago. The reason of divorce was his wife’s depression. She recovered, but couldn’t continue household chore. At first, I had a little anxiety for the reason of his divorce. But he doesn’t use violence, drink alcohol a lot, and go to gambling places.

I asked him that he wanted get to married with me. His answer was yes, but he wanted to go out with me more long time before we got marriage. He experienced divorce before. So he had anxiety for marriage although he wanted to get married again. But how long I have to wait his propose? I want to have my children, so I can’t wait him long time (my age is 35 years old).I said my opinion to him honestly and he understood it. First of all, we were going to introduce our family each other as steady.

We went his home by his car. It took about 2 hours from Tokyo. His hometown is near fishing port. His parents are older than my parents. I wasn’t nervous and talked with them friendly. They welcomed me very much, and we ate delicious Sushi. We spend a good time, I felt friendly toward his parents. His mother gave me cookies in a beautiful box for my families. After we came back to Tokyo, he called his mother. She said “your girlfriend is gentle and very clever”. I felt happy!

Next, he came to my home, and I introduced him to my family. My parents, especially my father want me to get married hurry because he wants his grandchildren soon!
When he arrived at our home, Matthew (ours pet dog) welcomed him firstly. He likes guests who comes our home very much. Then I introduced him to our families, my father, mother, and sister. My boyfriend was nervous a little at first, but we became familiar soon. My families were favorably disposed toward him. We had a dinner and talked about our future. After he went back his home, my family said he was nice guy and they like him. I felt easy!

I received a lot of e-mail from member of the dating agency this month (I thought they wanted to spend Xmas and new years holidays with somebody). But I don’t need new candidates anymore.
Maybe, I’m going to withdraw from the dating agency next month. I thank the agency very much!!

My families want me to hold a wedding party as soon as possible. Can we get married and hold a wedding party soon? In advance of marriage, we should introduce our families to each other. Then we will have to seek new apartment and wedding place, and prepare the wedding party. We must be very busy from now!

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